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By Jules Davidoff

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Modifications in visible Perception

summary: alterations in visible notion

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After removal of the spectacles, looking up produced an after-effect related to the amount of distortion. Looking down at the same object produced little or no distortion. The after-effect caused by inspecting a curved line has its counterpart when viewing with distorting lenses. Straight lines, looked at through a prism, appear curved, though they gradually appear to straighten, and upon removal of the prism a straight line appears curved in the opposite direction. It is possible to argue, with Harris (1965), that if, after adaptation, the observer feels that his eyes have followed a straight line, when in fact they 43 Short-term differences in perception have really followed a curve, his after-effect could be predicted on the felt-position hypothesis.

When the observer first puts on the reversing prisms, a letter to the true left will be seen on the felt right. If he looks at his hand trying to write on the board adaptation begins. When he moves his hand to the left it will appear to go to the right. He sees it going to the right and its felt position gradually becomes as if it actually does move to the right. At this stage the observer may write letters backwards when asked (see Fig. 21 ). The judgement of z g s b e c d > & s ¿ 2> P \> Ψ 3- 5 a S o Fig 21 The attempts of two observers to write letters and numbers while wearing reversing prisms.

Tests for motor coordination were made before, during and after the wearing of the lenses. One of these tasks was to sort cards into boxes as quickly as possible. This was asked of the observer for seventeen days before wearing the spectacles, for twenty-eight days when wearing them, and for four days afterwards. 38 Differences in visual perception Figure 19 shows the great difficulty found after putting on the spectacles. This was eventually coped with and the observer returned to pre-test efficiency.

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