Cutaneous Lymphomas, Pseudolymphomas, and Related Disorders - download pdf or read online

By Professor Dr. Günter Burg, Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Otto Braun-Falco (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3662008882

ISBN-13: 9783662008881

ISBN-10: 3662008904

ISBN-13: 9783662008904

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1 Lymphocytes Lymphocytes are a heterogeneous group of cells. Sm all lymphocytes, which are usually found in the peripheral blood, can be stimulated to transform into blast forms. The population of lymphocytes that proliferate and are committed (or mature) in the thymus are called T-Iymphocytes. The cells that mature in the human bursa equivalents are called B-Iymphocytes. 1) and both can be categorized. The typicallymphocyte, a small cell with meager morphology, is found in the peripheral blood and may undergo striking metamorphosis when it proliferates in the skin.

33). Giemsa, x 1,500 28 3 Morphology of Cells C> Centroblast from a cutaneous lymphoma with mixed small and large lymphoid cells (centroblastic/centrocytic lymphoma) corresponding to a diffuse malignant lymphoma of mixed cellularity according to the Rappaport and Dorfman c1assifications (ultrathin section). Large euchromatic nuc1eus and prominent nuc1eoli (N), one of which is situated near the nuc1ear membrane. The cytoplasm contains numerous ribosomes and same mitochondria (m). 5 Immunoblasts The term" immunoblast " was coined by Dameshek [176] to describe precursors of plasma cells.

Sometimes, however, they also bear complement receptors and are devoid of E receptors. These findings, in combination with the characteristic enzymatic features, are interpreted as expressions of cellular immaturity [683, 684]. I> Large convoluted and some nonconvoluted lymphoid cells (lymphoblasts) of various shapes from a cutaneous T-Iymphoblastic lymphoma. H & E, x 950 (above left), x 1,500 (above right, below left and right) I> Insel: Paranuc1ear, patchy acid phosphatase reaction (-+) in cells from the same type of lesion.

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Cutaneous Lymphomas, Pseudolymphomas, and Related Disorders by Professor Dr. Günter Burg, Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Otto Braun-Falco (auth.)

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