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By Ridley Pearson

ISBN-10: 1401382495

ISBN-13: 9781401382490

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The fact was that in over five years of secretly searching for Hope at Shakespeare festivals and performances—in places as far away as Ashland, Oregon, and Cedar City, Utah—he’d become passionate about the Bard himself: the violence, the romance, the lies and deceptions, the cunning, the manipulation, the symmetry of the plays. It had never occurred to him that he might find her here in his own backyard. The belief in coincidence had been trained out of Larson in the way a dog could be made to lie by the dinner table and not look up to beg.

They were pretty tight-lipped. ” Hampton, who was not yet forty, related everything to age. Larson had long since decided it was some kind of phobia with Hampton. He was terrified of growing old and saw anyone over fifty as long gone. He’d focused so much on age that he’d missed the hint Larson had dropped. Larson again. “Markowitz was, or is—we don’t know yet which—doing a lot of consulting work as well as speaking engagements. ” Larson sank the hook. ” His point here was that FATF, not the FBI, had done the canvassing.

Larson took it between his thick fingers, looked down at his own hand, and then passed it back. He tried a stick of gum instead, and for a minute it worked, but when he swallowed he thought he might upchuck. The panic hit him again, ran right through him like venom. Hope—first in line for execution by the Romeros. “Donny Romero,” Larson said. “Is coming up for parole. ” Larson had heard only rumors. ” Rotem sized him up, sucked on the cigarette. “Government lost its star witness. No witness, no prosecution.

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