Cross-Cultural Studies of Personality, Attitudes and - download pdf or read online

By Christopher Bagley, Gajendra K. Verma

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A suite of essays pioneering new suggestions in cross-cultural psychology in response to the paintings of Philip E.Vernon, a pioneer of rigorous conception construction and cautious method. It comprises empirical reports on aboriginals in Canada and babies in Japan, India, Jamaica and Britain.

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These tests were limited by problems of literacy and sampling in under-developed cultures. 4. Despite problems of perceptual experience, ambiguous visual projective tests (provided that objective scoring methods were used) seemed viable. 5. G analysis was described as a possible procedure, to score tests in cross-cultural studies. 6. Objective tests were shown to be worthy of investigation. Paul Kline 33 7. Percept-genetics was described and shown to be worthy of crosscultural trial. Two points now remain for discussion.

To operationalise research based on these propositions, the following four steps are proposed. First, through literature review, isolate test factors that appear consistently from correlation of test scores, whatever the culture. Test types that repeatedly mark such factors are given valid dependent-variable status through replication. Next, from experimental psychology, define cognitive processes that are hypothetically or demonstrably involved in test types. Consequently, design experimental procedures that show the effect of process variation or control on the dependent variables (test scores) in anyone culture.

2. Eysenck, s. B. G. and Eysenck, H. J. (1977) 'The place of impulsiveness in a dimensional system of personality description', British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 16, 57-68. Eysenck, S. B. , and Eysenck, H. J. (1977) 'A comparative study of personality in Nigerian and English subjects', Journal of Social Psychology, 102, 3-10. Fallstrom, K. and Vegelius, J. (1976) 'A discriminatory analysis based on dichotomised Rorschach series of diabetic children', unpublished manuscript, University of Goteborg.

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