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By Marcus Tanner

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The increase, fall and rebirth of Croatia is stated during this textual content. the writer, a journalist who witnessed a lot of the conflict, starts off via describing the 1st Croatian state within the ninth century and ends along with his interviews with a number of the best figures within the present upheaval.

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Several notable nobles and ecclesiasticsheld up the Turkish advance for a while and earned the admiration of Christendom for their valour. In 1519 PopeLeo X describedCroatia as ~ ~ ~ C ~ ~ - the ~ ramparts, s ~ or bulwark, ~ ~ of ~Christendom. ~ ~ Petar ~ rislaviC, who was both bishop of Zagreb and ~~~,stemmed the tide of e Turkish advance with particular effect by~ n i t i n Croatia’s g quarrelsome noble familiesin defence of the realm, Although the Turks were checked by such charismatic figures as BerislaviC, they were never pushed back.

A year after Krbavsko Polje,the Turks captured Ilok, a strategic fortress in eastern Slavonia. By 1500 they had taken the Dalmatian port of ~ a k a r s k aFrom . 1503 to 1512 anuneasy peace held between the Turks on one side and theHungarians and Croats on theother. But it was onlya breathing space whilethe Ottomans regrouped. After the accession of Sultan Selim in 15 12,they launched new offensives. Modruii was followed by Doboj, Tuzlaand Bijeljina, the three principal Croatand Hungarian outposts in the northof Bosnia.

The terror that this invasion provoked in the flat farmlands and marshes of Slavonia and southern Hungary can easilybe imagined, for the Croats had experienced no thin^ like itin their history. Accordingto the Archdeacon Thomas of Split, who lived through the invasion, the invaders were short in ged from livesspent on horseback, wore armour made of cattle hides, iron helmets, ate nobread and lived on a diet of meat and sour milk that was mixedwith the blood of horses. Natural borders did not stop them, he wrote, as they crossedrivers in boats made of branches and animal hides?

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