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Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, 2010. com/great-tissue-paper-diys-dont-involve-nose Throwing a party? Visit this site for some ideas for decorating with tissue paper. Spoonful—Fold & Fun! com/crafts/fun-tissue-paper-crafts-kids Check out this Web site for more ideas for creations using tissue paper. 31 Index accordion fold, 8 materials, 7, 9 bleeding, 6 butterfly mobile project, 26–28 Butterick, Ebenezer, 4 notebooks, 29 candleholder project, 24–25 colors, 6 recycling, 6–7 decoupage, 9, 12–13, 22–23, 24–25 decoupage flowerpot project, 22–23 double-threaded needle, 8 Gayetty, Joseph, 4 gift wrap, 5, 6 Hall brothers, 5 Hallmark company, 5 Hawaiian lei project, 10–11 patterns, 6 sewing patterns, 4–5 sketchbooks, 29 stained glass project, 20–21 tie-dye effect, 6 tissue paper doll project, 17–19 tissue paper monster puppet project, 14–16 translucence, 6 wall art project, 12–13 ideas, 24, 29 invention, 4, 29 About the Author Kathleen Petelinsek is a children’s book illustrator, writer, and designer.

Once the needle is through, tighten the thread to the center of your butterfly’s body. Cut the thread off at the needle. 11. Repeat steps 5 through 10 until you run out of butterfly shapes. 12. Tie the threads of your butterflies to the tree branch. Decorate the tree branch with as many butterflies as you like. The strings your butterflies hang from can be different lengths. 13. To hang your branch, tie a 24-inch (61 cm) piece of thread to one end of the branch. Tie the other end of the string to the other end of the branch.

Make notes to help you remember what you were thinking. Inventors and artists often keep notebooks by their bedsides just in case an idea comes in the middle of the night. A sketchbook can also help you develop your old ideas into new ones. As you look over an idea, think about ways you can improve it. A simple idea can turn into an incredible project. 29 Glossary diameter (dye-AM-i-tur) a straight line through the center of a circle, connecting opposite sides industry (IN-duh-stree) a single branch of business or trade tailor (TAY-lur) a person who makes or alters clothes translucent (trans-LOO-suhnt) when a substance is not completely clear like glass but will let some light shine through 30 For More Information Books Ives, Rob.

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