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Ii). PS(~) is linear in~ . (iii). The following formula holds 44 (7) PO(~) (iv). I6(P~(~)) - = P8 (~ - I8 (~) = ~. The following estimates hold. I IPr,£)(~)(x) ] (and ] IP ,8(~)(x) I IPad,~(T)(x)ll I) ! ~ (x)emcp~(x)Llxll <= ~(x)e 2mcpe(x)l xll Proof. (i),(ii) and (iii) follow from the definition. (iv follows from lemma i. 3. Lemma 3. Let T be a p-form. Then we have (8)r dPr,o(~) : Pr,0(~)/k~ + Pr,_0 (d~-(-l)pI(Pr,e (~)Ade'P0 (8) dPx, e(~) = ~AP /J,~ (~) + P X,8 (d~-I( d e ~/~ P ~/,8(~))) (8) ad dPad,9(~) = [8'Pad,8 (T)~ + Pad,[~(d~-I[de~'@'Pad,8 (~)3 Since we have dIr, o 0(~)=dO and dI r,e (~)=~0-I((-I)P~Ad0+ Proof.

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