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By C. L. Hardin, Luisa Maffi

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Twenty-five years in the past, Berlin and Kay argued that there are commonalities of uncomplicated colour time period use that stretch throughout languages and cultures, and possibly show common beneficial properties of conception and cognition. during this quantity, a special group of participants from visible technology, psychology, linguistics and anthropology study how those claims have fared within the gentle of present wisdom, surveying key principles, effects and methods from the learn of human colour imaginative and prescient in addition to box equipment and theoretical interpretations drawn from linguistic anthropology.

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4-44 #-++ + - _ . . . --_-4 - --444#44#4#4~__ + . 44444##444. 44 -+-4444--... _ 4- A B C D E F G H . Rk/Bu w R Y G L Bk/Bu J Martu-Wangka (Australia; Pama-Nyungan [J. and M. Marsh]) Basic stage IV-Bk/Bu none Derived categories Heterogeneous categories peripheral red? 48 Paul Kay, Brent Berlin, Luisa Mafh", and William Merrifield Martu-Wangka is an Australian (Pama-Nyungan) language spoken by about 820 people in the Jigalong area of Western Australia. Bk/Bu> with terms for W, R, Y, G, and a composite color category encompassing black and blue.

Bk/Bu. 1) than as belonging to a single stage or type. Also, while some languages seem to be best characterized as recently emerged instances of their type, others appear to be on the verge of evolving into a new type. Related to the goal of discovering whether the data of every language are naturally organized by the model is the converse goal of checking the extent to which every subtype and transition generated by the model is realized in attested languages (cf. note 20). 3, will go a long way toward ordering language-internal variation as well.

23,25 *: minj-kimemb 'green' A B C D 3 4 1 2 01234 5678901234 56789012345678901234 567890 A ######################################### A 25 of 2 5 speakers searched; 25 used term A B C D E F G H I J c 53 Color naming across languages Notes 1 Maffi (1991) provides relevant bibliography. 2 Several studies in addition to Rosch's are cited in Kay (1975) as supportingthe idea of colorterm evolution involving category boundaries as well as foci. 3 A fuzzy set is a function from a (standard) set of objects to a real interval, conventionally the interval between zero and unity inclusive.

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