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Re going to be in the ballpark of the right answer. This is often the first step in working out a physics problem. 1 Type of measurement Commonly used symbols Fundamental units length or position meters time seconds velocity or speed meters per second mass kilograms force Newtons energy Joules power Watts electric charge Coulombs temperature Kelvin electric current Amperes electric field Newtons per Coulomb magnetic field Tesla magnetic flux Webers Pronunciation table for commonly used Greek letters Units and Problem Solving Problem Set 1.

1 m) in the air. 5 m straight up. 15. 16. 23 m/s b. 5 seconds if using ) c. 28 m (27 m if using ) d. 45 m 17. Click here to watch the video 18. 25 m/s b. 30 m c. 19. 20. a. b. c. d. 60 m 21. a. b. 5 m/s Chapter 4: Two-Dimensional and Projectile Motion The Big Idea In this chapter, we aim to understand and explain the parabolic motion of a thrown object, known as projectile motion. We can break down any initial velocity vector into its vertical and horizontal components. Motion in one direction is unrelated to motion in perpendicular directions, so we can treat the individual components as separate one-dimensional motion problems using all the equations from the last chapter.

C. the sum of all forces? net force in the direction.? 7. Use Newton's Laws twice. a. The sum of all forces, divided by the mass, is the object's acceleration in the direction. b. The sum of all forces, divided by the mass, is the object's acceleration in the direction. c. s Law directly. d. If you happen to know the acceleration, you can plug this in directly too. 8. Each body should have a FBD. a. Draw a separate FBD for each body. b. Set up a sum of forces equation based on the FBD for each body.

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