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By Elizabeth Townes

Отличная книга по созданию бижутерии из бисера и бусин.

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С помощью папье-маше можно превратить самые обычные предметы в дизайнерские. В книге представлено свыше 250 пошаговых инструкций и цветных фотографий.

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Книга, посвященная временно забытому искусству изготовления фигур из полотенец.

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The real and the unreal are two infinities moving in parallel fashion. The point of intersectioning can come about only once the parallel infinities are disrupted. Once this occurs, transcendence falls from the sky; the stratum of spatio-temporality comes down crashing like the Angel in Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire who decides to “de-angel” himself by taking a fall from a height (which was mimicked by the Angel in City of Angels, whose palimpsest is Wenders’s film), and by doing so descends into the realm of fragility.

The second is the fold of the relation between forces; for it is always according to a particular rule that the relation between forces is bent back in order to become a relation to oneself. The third is the fold of knowledge, or the fold of truth in so far as it constitutes the relation of truth to our being. 5 The foldings of subjectivation as here described by Deleuze pivot on a mode of thinking and interpretation that cannot rely exclusively on any sort of socio-political rationalism, that is to say, a variety of thought that speaks in the presence of concrete and material bodies and objects but that is silent before all that which is in turn silent, such as the psyche with the dead and lost images and pulsations it encrypts.

They inspire prophets and awaken human imagination and intuition and thus befriend the artist in a special way. —Angels are amazed at us, and our actions through the Angels can affect the entire cosmos. —They have a variety of functions in their relationship with human beings, including inspiring, message-bearing, protecting, and guiding. —They do not have material bodies but can temporarily assume the appearance of human or other bodies for the sake of communicating with and helping human beings.

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Circles of Life Beads That Tell A Story by Elizabeth Townes

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