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By Mary Caroline Richards

ISBN-10: 0819562009

ISBN-13: 9780819562005

A flowing selection of poetry that also is a consultant for all times.

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To do what she does can endanger one's lifestyle, one's citizenship, one's way of seeing the world, one's level of comfort. If, after all these fair warnings, you still want to read on, I shall name some of the disturbing themes that M. C. introduces to our philosophies of living and educating in the latter part of the twentieth century. The most amazing accomplishment of this book is the author's integration of a living cosmology and a practical mysticism. M. C. reconnects the cosmos with the person through the spiritual discipline of centering.

For we are well aware of the passionate justification given for continuing in the ''man" tradition, especially as it translates from the German generic Mensch.  . as our perceptions widen.  .  . what are the arts of transformation? The second change I would make is to add to the content a more adequate treatment of antipathy and the Centering process in relation to it. , of sympathy or empathy) rather than of leaving out. Of saying "Yes, Yes" to what we behold. To what is holy and to what is unbearable.

And she sees the centering process that the potter or dancer undergoes as the act of righting things, of making justice happen. "As a dancer shifts his position he keeps his balance. He does this by taking his center with him, he shifts his center of gravity, re-establishing his equilibrium in the very instant that he has leapt. Otherwise he will fall and hurt himself" (p. 38). We are extended such an invitation hereto take our center with us. Spirituality is radically portable. We are troubadours after all, a traveling troupe of center-makers, overcoming the fall, perceiving the laws of gravity, leaping but re-establishing justice and equilibrium in the process.

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Centering in pottery, poetry, and the person by Mary Caroline Richards

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