Ccru: Writings 1997-2003 by Ccru PDF

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A compilation of writings by means of the Cyber Cultures examine Unit (Ccru)

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Scott Elliot adds that the Lemurians had “huge feet, the heels of which stuck out so far they could as easily walk backwards as forwards”. According to his account the Lemurians discovered sex during the period of the fourth sub-race, interbreeding with beasts and producing the great apes. This behavior disgusted the transcendent spirits, or ‘Lhas’, who were supposed to incarnate into the Lemurians, but now refused. The Venusians volunteered to take the place of the Lhas, and also taught the Lemurians various secrets (including those of metallurgy, weaving and agriculture).

All reported facts regarding its history, organization, doctrine, and practices must be treated with extraordinary scepticism. It is reputedly a white-brotherhood established – over a game of cards – in the sublime abysms of antiquity. It claims both to antedate every extant tradition of human wisdom, and to nurture within itself the seed of ultimate terrestrial Gnosis (identified with techno-chardinite Noosphere). It considers itself bound by divine covenant to martial the forces of light against lemurian polyculture, and all its varieties of time-sorcery, demon-traffic, and swirling confusions of endless untime.

Extract] It is with some trepidation that I congratulate you on the inauguration of your Cthulhu Club, if I may call it such. Whilst not in any way accusing you of frivolity, I feel bound to state the obvious warning: Cthulhu is not to be approached lightly. My researches have led me to associate this Chthonian entity with the deep terrestrial intelligence inherent in the electromagnetic cauldron of the inner earth, in all of its intense reality, raw potentiality, and danger. According to the Nma she is the plane of Unlife, a veritable Cthelll – who is trapped under the sea only according to a certain limited perspective – and those who set out to traffick with her do so with the very greatest respect and caution.

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