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This used to be a present to my Swedish husband. you need to be influenced to accomplish this "heavy-weight". i am not; thankfully he was once. first-class ebook for the educational student, or heavily curious reader.

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The land bridge from the Continent was the main gateway. But the Scandinavian population appears to have come successively from other directions as well; it was not a mass invasion. About 10,000 bc the climate improved for a thousand years, in the so-called Allerød Period. This was when birch migrated to Scandinavia. Ice receded from the whole of the west coast of Norway and early settlements sprang up. Settlements dating back to this time have also been found on Fyn, Sjælland and in Sk˚ane. The Allerød Period was, however, followed by climatic deterioration in the Younger Dryas (c.

The bedrock is mainly Tertiary basalt and occupies most of the island. The central and southern regions are characterised by lava fields and volcanoes that have been active in historical time. The majority of the glaciers were formed during the last glaciation when practically the whole country was covered by ice. Today four large glacier regions remain, of which Vatnaj¨okull in the south-east is by far the largest. As for minerals, Iceland’s basalt rocks and inland ice give little hope of future development.

The Baltic archipelagos are products of the rather rapid uplift of a joint valley landscape with frequently exposed bedrock, and are thus really part of the fissure valley landscape of south-central Sweden and southern Finland. They have been inhabited by farming fishermen since at least the sixteenth century, and there is nothing quite like them anywhere else in the world. Finally, in some places in southern Scandinavia there are rocky coasts, espe¨ cially on Oland, Gotland, in a few small areas of Jylland, in western Sjælland and other Danish islands, and in south-west Sk˚ane.

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