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By Yvonne M. Padilla

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Bronze steel clay is the ordinary subsequent selection for the massive silver steel clay marketplace it’s a ways more cost-effective, so crafters can extend their creativity developing larger-scale items. As a member of the Technical help staff for Rio Grande (a large on-line distributor of knickknack supplies), Yvonne Padilla is knowledgeable at answering crafters’ questions about bronze. as well as delivering step by step directions for 30 initiatives, she explains how bronze differs from silver clay, the right way to paintings with it, and the way to realize the beautiful verdigris patina that purely bronze has. An inspirational gallery and a hassle capturing part whole the glorious package deal.

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Once the wax is completely solid, rub some oil onto the surface. This will prevent the clay from sticking to the wax. 6 cm) diameter circle template Bronze slip Spray lacquer 2. Roll a large amount of fresh bronze clay into a slab that is four cards thick. Texture the clay with a texture sheet. 6 cm) diameter template on the clay, and use the needle tool to cut out the circle. ,- . ~"~:::;,;z::=~ 3. Drape the clay circle, texture side out, on the wax portion of the foam ball. Press the clay onto the ball so it is completely touching the form.

Journey • • 7. Lay the charms out on your work surface, and determine what order you want them to be attached to the bracelet. 8. Open one jump ring, and attach a charm. Connect the jump ring to the charm bracelet securely. Repeat this step to connect all charms and complete the bracelet. Head - Mind or spirit House - Home 5. Place the charms in the activated Hen - Mothering coal carbon. Fire the charms in the kiln using the short firing schedule. Ear - Hearing 63 EVOLUTION HOOPS Together, bronze and silver metal clay form a dynamic duo.

Cut out the photocopied design 6. Sand the fired charms with fine Photocopied templates, page 123 template for each charm. ) Place the bronze clay on your work surface, and roll a slab that is five cards thick. sandpaper. Use the polishing cloth to bring a soft sheen to the surface of the charms. 5 mm 8jump rings, 20-gauge, each 4 mm in diameter Charm bracelet chain with clasp, commercial or handmade 2. Lay one charm template on the slab, and use the needle tool to cut around the perimeter. Repeat this process for each milagro design.

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