Suzen Millodot's Bisuteria con nudos ornamentales y cuentas PDF

By Suzen Millodot

Книга посвящена созданию бижутерии в технике декоративного плетения с использованием бусин, кристаллов и др. Подробные иллюстрированные описания плетения узлов, создания моделей ожерелий и браслетов.

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3 Man Kite, 4; The Woman Kite, 7; A Boy Kite, 8; Frog Kite, 8; The Butterfly Kite, 10; The King Crab Kite, 11; Fish Kite, 12; The Tur tle Kite, 13; The Shield Kite, 14; A Star Kite, 15; The Chinese Dragon Kite, 15; The Japanese Square Kite, 16; The Moving Star, 17. CHAPTER II. WAR KITES .. 19 Unarmed War Kite, 19; Armed Kites, 20; Armed Kite Fighting, 20; How to Make the Knives, 21; How to Make Cutters, 21; Kite Clubs, 22. CHAPTER III.  23 The Bell Pole, 23; Jugging for Cats, 23; The Dancing Fisherman, 25; Toy Boats for Fishing, 26; The Wooden Otter, 26; Fishing for Fresh-Water Clams, 27.

241 Bric-à-Brac, or the Tourist’s Curiosities, 241; Mind-Reading, 244; A Literary Sketch Club, 245. CHAPTER XXXIV. THE BOY’S OWN PHUNNYGRAPH .. 248 CHAPTER XXXV. HOW TO MAKE PUPPETS AND A PUPPET-SHOW .. 254 How to Make the Stage, 254; The Scener y, 255; The Old Mill, 256; Puss, 257; Corsando and the Donkey, 257; The Royal Coach, 258; Carabas, 259; How to Work the Puppets, 259; Stage Ef fects, 260; How to Make a Magical Dance, 261; How to Make a Sea Scene, 261. CHAPTER XXXVI. PUSS-IN-BOOTS. , Scene I, Interior of Ogre’s Castle, 268.

By a slight modification of the frame of the man kite you can produce A Boy Kite that will create an unlimited amount of fun whenever he makes his appearance in his aesthetic Kate Greenaway suit. By carefully following the construction according to the diagram (Fig. 9) the average boy will find little difficulty in building a twin brother to the kite in the illustration (Fig. 10). Still another strange looking kite can be made by using a piece of pliable wood bent in a circular form for the body, and allowing the leg-sticks to protrude above the shoulders to form short arms, the spine extending below the trunk some distance to form the tail to a Frog Kite.

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Bisuteria con nudos ornamentales y cuentas by Suzen Millodot

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