New PDF release: Awesome Origami Aircraft Models of the World's Best Fighters

By Tem Boun

ISBN-10: 1412047897

ISBN-13: 9781412047890

I've got loved the paintings of folding for a few years and i've to confess that this is often for sure the simplest educational publication I personal. It has significant aspect and the completed types are strickingly life like! i've got needed to reccomend this one to my buddies and i'm awaiting seeing extra from this proficient artist within the future...well performed indeed!

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3 Heat the metal with the torch until it glows (photo I). ) 4 Remove the glowing metal from the flame and air-dry or quench it in a bowl of iced or very cold water. , . ~ tips firescale their work. I rarely use pickle because I like the aged and rustic look I achieve by reheating metal instead of cleaning it. Reheating metal and quenching it in cold water reduces oxygen exposure and flrescale and produces lovely coloration. Firescale is an oxide that forms on the surface of heated metal. It is caused by oxygen combining with copper at high temperature.

Figuref 62 Metal Techniques 7 If desired, add beads between wrapped loops or onto the wire before making a wrapped loop (figure F). • .. 7 cm) piece of wire. Use pliers or your fingers to pull the opposite end of the wire around to form a small circle. This is the base of a flat coil (figure G). You can create charms of many shapes with wire. wrapping beads on head pins 2 Continue to wrap the wire in a circle, increasing the size of the coil and leaving space between the wires with each rotation (figure H).

After working the annealed metal, it will become hard again and the coloration that came from the initial annealing will change. The deep red color fades and the black is often hammered away. If you want the vibrant red to stay in the final piece, do all the hammering and texturing on the copper before heating it. Try hammering the dark backside (figure C) to achieve an antique look (figure D). , ~. f . " I "" ___" ~. " ·:'r~.. ' : ,': f ~' _ '. ~-- Firescaling Metal Techniques 43 • ,. • • tips balling wire ends coloration You can finish the cut ends of copper or silver wire by heating them with a torch.

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