Attention, Representation, and Human Performance: by Slim Masmoudi, David Yun Dai, Abdelmajid Naceur PDF

By Slim Masmoudi, David Yun Dai, Abdelmajid Naceur

ISBN-10: 1848729731

ISBN-13: 9781848729735

This quantity provides a unprecedented get together the place students from Europe, North Africa and North the United States proportion their study courses and findings revolving round a tremendous subject: integration. regardless of various examine foci and methodologies, there's a powerful consensus that we have to comprehend a mental phenomenon in all its complexity, concerning its neural, mental, and social dimensions, related to belief and perception, and choice tactics, related to motivation, emotion, and cognition – all in advanced interplay.

This quantity is meant to arrive out to easy and utilized mental researchers, cognitive and affective scientists, studying scientists, biologists, sociologists, neuropsychological researchers, and philosophers, who've an curiosity in an built-in knowing of the brain at paintings, rather touching on causes of real-life phenomena that experience social and useful importance. a different function of this quantity is that the majority examine concerned is seriously equipped on neuropsychological facts, whereas dependable to the experimental culture with its concentrate on useful habit in a variety of events and stipulations that mimic or resemble actual lifestyles. The viability of this method of doing state-of-the-art study that's appropriate and appropriate to many real-life phenomena also needs to make this physique of analysis priceless for a variety of human activity, from faith, schooling, to commercial and organizational psychology.

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Attention, Representation, and Human Performance: Integration of Cognition, Emotion, and Motivation by Slim Masmoudi, David Yun Dai, Abdelmajid Naceur

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