Air-Sea Exchange of Gases and Particles by Lutz Hasse (auth.), Peter S. Liss, W. George N. Slinn (eds.) PDF

By Lutz Hasse (auth.), Peter S. Liss, W. George N. Slinn (eds.)

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HASSE from bluff shore lines. There is a shadowing effect in the wind field caused by bluff shores. Channeling effects are also known: in a valley or an ocean sound between mountains, the flow is parallel to the sound even when the wind aloft and the geostrophic wind are across the sound. Also, where the sound narrows, higher wind speeds are attained, which are' sometimes in excess of the geostrophic speed. Another mesoscale flow is the island or lake effect. Again, because of different thermal properties of land and sea, an island in the ocean or an inland lake may cause a local circulation.

Arrows fly with the wind, longer arrows indicate persistent winds. Wind speed code: -- 0 to 6 mis, -- 6 to 12 m/s,~ >12 m/s. ) 140· 1'3 -==-+m-::---i - ! 60" -:.. I 70' r-' ttl en en :> ::c o N INTRODUCTORY METEOROLOGY AND FLUID DYNAMICS 21 :>.. c N ~ Qj I-< ::I 0 :! HASSE Since land and sea have different thermal, radiational, and frictional properties, their distribution modifies the air flow pattern considerably. Consider the wind and pressure field at the surface in summer and winter (Figure 12): In north-summer (July) and south-summer (January) we find high pressure over the oceans and low pressure over the continents.

Mountain-slope and valley winds are in principle easily explained. In reality, things seem to be somewhat more difficult. The gain of solar energy by a slope is very much dependent on its steepness and orientation and on solar height and azimuth, as well Nighttime COLD Figure 18. Schematic section of mountain slope and valley winds. INTRODUCTORY METEOROLOGY AND FLUID DYNAMICS 29 as on the interaction of the local and mesoscale field with the synoptic field. There appear to be very few genuine mesoscale atmospheric circulations on the open ocean{except convection, see below).

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Air-Sea Exchange of Gases and Particles by Lutz Hasse (auth.), Peter S. Liss, W. George N. Slinn (eds.)

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