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The 8t. Eaaes on A B and A C may be found 88 in the preceding case, but to find the IItre8ll on the rod Be we must make a diagram of the fOI'Ce8 under which the point B is in equilibrium as shown ~n the diagram. 46. -A weight of 100 lb. is suspended from a crane of dimensions shown in the figure. It ill required to find the tension on the tie rod AS and the compre88ion on the Itrut BC. B outward, and the tension T of the tie rod which acta in the direction SA. The diagram of forees must therefore be.

The simplest case of a couple is when two equal parallel forces • act in opposite directions not in the same straight line. For instance, the forcesFF, figure 26, constitute a clockwise couple the moment of which is Fx where x is the distance between the lines of action of the forces. The FIo. 25. moment of a couple about any axis is the same as about any parallel axis. For, take an axis perpendicular to the paper and through P at a distance y from the nearer force, then the moments are Fy counter-clockwise and F(x+y) clockwise, hence subtracting we have Fx clockwise, as the resultant of the two.

The velocity with which one surface slides over the other makes little difference, the friction being appreciably the same for aU moderate speeds; but the resistance to starting, or alatic friction, is greater than the friction after the motion is established. It is evident, however, that these laws do not hold without limit. w no longer holda. 76•. ciin: oj friction of the surfaces concerned; it is a fraction which when multiplied by the force pressing two surfaces to,ether gives the force of friction to be overcome.

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