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20] GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF ELECTROSTATICS 35 contact with the inner sphere. The experiment is made as follows: when the two spheres are in connection a charge of electricity is communicated to the outer sphere, the connection between the spheres is then broken by lifting the disc by means of the silk thread; the outer sphere is then discharged and kept connected to earth; the testing wire is then introduced through the hole and put into contact with the inner sphere. Not the slightest effect on the electroscope can be detected, showing that if there is any charge on the inner sphere it is too small to affect the electroscope.

5; the deflection of the electroscope is independent of the position of the charged bodies inside the insulated closed conductor. 30] GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF ELECTROSTATICS 47 30. Again, take the case when the first conductor is charged, the others insulated and uncharged; then so that W=~- Now suppose that the first conductor is connected to earth while a charge E2 is given to the second conductor, all the other conductors being uncharged; then since Fi = 0 we have 0=puE1+pl2E2, Er Vn V2 by the preceding equation.

V EJn to the first conductor is greater than —-. —- but less n n than —-. —-; similarly the work spent in bringing up the charge E^/n to the second conductor is greater than —. —- but less than —. —-. Thus if JQ, is the work n n n n spent in this stage in charging the first conductor we have it 7l Similarly if 3Qi is the work spent in the third stage in charging the first conductor we have and nQx, the work spent in the last stage, is and < — J&IFJ. Now Q1 the total amount of work spent in charging the first conductor is equal to tQi + 2Q, + ...

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