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By Bolton and Paul Ltd, Manufacturer

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5! ldna Vjv[ epiqptg fC[ m daV Fg WjSg Whpa WSjHg m F'e epiP VjVw ug sj hg fjHg m!!!!! o WSjdHbj m yhp. fjdaljhgbj sg lWs WjSg dvt dry fjdHbj m Kesar Singh Chhibbar, Bansawalinama Dasan Patshahian Ka, p. 50. 6. Gosti Guru Miharvanu, p. 198. 1 It is very obvious that threat to corrupt the originality of GurBani was real and very serious. To counter the Mina tradition from taking roots deep into the Sikh Panth, Bhai Gurdas single-handedly performed a yeoman's job. 4. Although most scholars have followed the traditional line to accuse the Minas for having corrupted the Sikh scripture, yet the vital issue as to how the Mina tradition conflicted with the main Sikh tradition in its approach to doctrinal and theological issues has not been adequately explored so far.

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